Paradise Mountain is here for people who want to do good.

We grow coffee for people who think about their actions and their effect on the world around them, who see the earth and its people as resources to be treasured and protected: who live with intention and are moved by their heart. We want those people to drink great coffee: coffee that is shade grown, certified organic and provides a good living wage to the hard-working people who farm it.

Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee - coffee farm, Thailand

We are proud to brew The World’s Most Sustainable Coffee, a badge of honour we work hard to uphold.

We work hand in hand, and heart to heart with our farmers.

Each individual that works on our farm is paid at higher than fair trade wages, honouring their hard work. We spearhead community projects with neighbouring communities, providing medical supplies, school equipment and vital infrastructure to those who need it most. We value the traditions of the villagers we work with, supporting and engaging in local ceremonies and making lasting connections that sustain us and them.


We bask in the shade of the forest and the songs of the birds that call it home. 

Growing coffee in the shade and planting seedlings by hand takes time, but it preserves and protects the natural eco-system around it. We’re patient folks, willing to wait for extraordinary coffee.

We leave the forest undisturbed, allowing local and migratory birds to make their homes. These ethical farming practices make Paradise Mountain the only Smithsonian-Certified, Bird Friendly farm in Asia.

We have noticed that what we give to the forest, it gives back. Our work is tied to the forest. We work without artificial fertilizers, preferring natural compost to strengthen our coffee plants and runoff spring water to nourish our crops. Burlap sacs are used to transport our beans, recycled and used again.


We make coffee that is built on great taste and even greater heart.

Our expertly crafted coffee has a local, and a global impact. When our beans make the journey home to Canada, they are roasted in a beautiful organic roasting plant nestled in the Foot Hills of the Rocky Mountains. Throughout the process our beans are happily scrutinized by our experts, right through to the cup, where all of our hard work is validated. We recycle the excess coffee chaff, packaging it in biodegradable bags and using it as fertilizer for local garden stores.


The coffee on your shelf is as conscientious as it is satisfying.

We make sure that after our coffee is sipped and savoured it continues to create more goodness. The packaging that we chose for our coffee is Omnidegradable, a form of biodegradable packaging that safely decomposes, turning into organic nutrients with no harmful by-products. We love that.

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Please join us in creating a better future for everyone.

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