A group of friends living in Vancouver, British Columbia dreamed about great possibilities, giving back, and helping to create a bright future for generations to come.

On a journey to pay it forward, this team became fast friends with Muang “M.K” Keaw, a retired agricultural technician, having worked with the Thai Govt, who helped free mountain villagers from the drug trade.


M.K. and the Paradise Mountain Team shared a dream of creating an environmentally sustainable coffee farm to help break the cycle of poverty affecting the Hill Tribes.


Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee supports two communities by employing over one hundred villagers during harvest season, and purchase our supplies and materials from villagers whenever possible to support the local economy.


A legacy project and labour of love, Paradise Mountain operates at the highest level of organic certification, the highest level of bird friendliness, and is wild crafted.

Paradise Mountain Organic coffee spans over 200 acres and is the only Thai coffee farm certified as bird friendly by the Smithsonian. Nearly invisible from the air, the farm was created without cutting down a single tree, leaving its lush canopy intact.