Nestled under a canopy of thousands of indigenous trees, Paradise Mountain Organic Farm sits high above sea level in the Northern Chiang Mai region of Thailand.

Invisible from above, our young coffee seedlings grow in an undisturbed forest, home to local and migratory birds. It’s this level of respect for the natural environment that makes Paradise Mountain the only Smithsonian-certified, bird friendly farm in Thailand.


Our farm is tended by local villagers who are paid above fair-trade wages. These Thai growers and farmers are part of our Paradise Mountain family. We’re constantly learning from each other and sharing growing and harvesting practices together – making us not only excellent coffee farmers, but a genuine community.


We also use wild crafted methods to grow our beans without chemical fertilizers and pesticides that do more harm than good. This makes our way of farming slower and some would say a little more difficult, but we believe in doing things right – for people, the environment, and your morning coffee.

It’s a huge, 200-acre farm of single-estate organic coffee, but we like to think you’d never know it was there.