Our secret for a great cup of coffee? Pure mountain water, amazing volcanic soil, old growth coffee trees, and a genuine love and respect for people and the planet.

We plant our coffee shrubs in the shade of the existing forest, and use the foliage and mulch the shrubs produce as a natural fertilizer. Each strain of coffee is planted on GPS-coordinated plots so we can identify and separate the different kinds of plants.


Once the beans are ready to harvest, we sort them by hand and leave them in their natural parchment skin, which forms a natural barrier and protects the integrity of the coffee.

We grow at a high elevation, and we roast at high elevation to complete what’s called the coffee circle. It’s a little secret we learned from an expert roaster in Pueblo, Mexico, who learned it in turn from his own great grandfather.

When we receive an order, we hull the beans and ship them to the Canadian Rockies where they are roasted at the same elevation the coffee is grown. We are proud to roast at a certified Organic roastery in Alberta, Canada.


We roast the beans a little longer to reduce scorching and tipping, and to create sharper tones and less bitterness in your cup. All of our blends are roasted individually to capture each bean’s optimum roasting point, creating a wider spectrum of taste and distinct, individual flavours.


After roasting, we get the beans into a safe place for degassing. When the beans are ready, we package them in one-way valve bags immediately to minimize exposure to heat, light, and oxygen.


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Some might say it’s a long, labor-intensive process, but we wouldn’t change a thing.